About Us

Our Approach

We are a very unique daycare.

Most daycares fall in to 1 of 2 categories:

1) A Director / Owner Daycare - they usually are very caring / loving.  They really care about the kids, and typically do a great job nurturing them.

2) "Corporate Daycares" - They are very vanilla in their approach, very "corporate".  They have a lot of resources and education.  Their directors are business managers more than child care managers.

Our owners, Marc & Iva Shudnow, have taken a different approach.  They have created daycares, that have both the caring / loving attitude of the "Director / Owner" daycares, but have the resources of the "Corporate Daycares".

They run all of the "business affairs" off site, in their offices.  The director then gets to spend 90% of her time working with the children and teachers.  The directors have ALL started out as teachers, and moved up.  This creates a warm / loving environment on site every day.  At the same time, the daycares are given the resources and materials to educate the children in a fun, exciting way.  Children learn more when they are happy.

Our Director Emily - She is a teacher by trade (with a masters in education).  She has all the credentials to go and work in the public schools, but simply loves young children, and has chosen to make early education her career.  She is the Platinum Standard in Directors.  Her caring / loving attitude is infectious.  You can see it any time you are in the building.  At the same time, she is looking to improve the daycare every day.

Emily, Marc, & Iva all have the same attitude about how a daycare needs to improve.  Imagine that you are on a treadmill, if you do not continue to move forward, you fall behind.

Our Story