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Our early childhood education program adheres to the Indiana Preschool

child care learning centerCurriculum Framework, which incorporates national and state preschool education standards. The Framework stipulates that early childhood education programs develop the personal, social, cognitive, physical and creative abilities of preschool age children. It also suggests that children develop at different rates. Our program reflects all of these guidelines.

While we embrace each child’s individual progress, we also know that children surrounded by others in a similar developmental stage creates the best opportunity to grow. We group children by age and provide separate classrooms for an ideal environment that fosters the best experience and overall development.
Infants (2 - 12 Months)

We understand you want your infant to be well cared for every day. Our caring staff ensures your child is comfortable and feels a sense of safety and belonging in his or

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her daily surroundings. We adapt to your child’s individual feeding and napping schedule.

We also understand that this is the age children begin to develop a sense of awareness of their world. At Kid’s Castle, infants are stimulated through play activities enabling early development of their fine motor, visual and language skills.
Toddlers (12 – 24 months)
Image result for picture of toddlers playingAs a transition from the nursery, Kid’s Castle offers toddlers activities that are tactile in nature and individually appropriate. Focus is on physical activities, group play and story telling. We encourage taking turn and using good manners.
Twaddlers (24 – 36 months)
We nurture a child’s natural curiosity. We introduce simple concepts in a variety of Image result for picture of toddlers playingsubjects and activities that enable unlimited exploration of the world around them. Cause and effect, counting, shapes and colors are focus areas for twaddlers.
We help your child achieve developmental milestones that typically begin to occur at this age such as toilet training.
Pre-Schoolers (36 months and up)
More advanced ideas and concepts are explored in our preschool program. We focus child care learning centeron cognitive skills and encourage socialization as your child transitions from a focus on “me” to an awareness of their “we” world. Letter recognition, writing and simple math concepts such as addition and subtraction are introduced. Social skills, including sharing and caring of others’ feelings are emphasized.
Before and After School Care
For school age children, we have dedicated space and offer homework assistance. Additionally, your child can come to our center for a full day when the public schools close for any reason.
child care learning center