Signs of a Good Daycare

We know this is one of your most important decisions, and we want to help you in your decision-making process. Here are a few valuable factors to consider when evaluating your options:
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A good reputation.
A great center should be warm and welcoming the minute you walk in the door, and be known for its safe and nurturing environment.
An ‘anytime’ parent visitation policy.
As a parent, you should be openly welcomed and able to visit your child at any time of the day and unannounced. While some centers might respectfully ask for an appointment or schedule, you should also have the freedom and discretion to stop by any time.
A qualified, caring staff.
Caretakers and teachers should be specially trained, should always be prepared and be passionate about what they do.
Clear and established ground rules.
Flexibility is important, but there should also be clear policies regarding operating hours, emergency situations and communication with parents.
A stimulating curriculum and spacious environment.
While individualized development is key, the center should also have specific routines for daily group and individual activities, quiet time, snacks and meals (except for infant day care) and learning approaches. Age -appropriate TV and videos can play a part in your child’s development but should not be used more than occasionally.
A clean and safe facility.
The child care center should be organized and sanitary. Common play toys should be sterilized frequently and there should be safety measures in place, including an effective security system.